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consists of learning the art of conjuring^ of learn-
ing the healing power of the various herbs, of
learning to see into the future and of developing
the 'power to get in touch with the spirits'—-
whence all of the information concerning the
future is supposed to come to the medicine-man,

The boy must go through seven 'tents' of medi-
cine, each tent consisting of a year's course and
dealing with a different division of the medicine-
man's art. For each 'tent'—which is a teepee—
the young man must train a year; then at the end
of that year he 'goes through the tent5. That is,
the medicine-man erects the medicine-teepee and
lays out all of the paraphernalia that is to be used,
and then for a number of days he sits alone in the
teepee and watches the boy go through the various
things he has taught him during the year. It is
like the annual examination following the white
boy's school year, though slightly more weird,
perhaps; for we youngsters used to gather around
and hear some of the strange sounds which came
from this teepee, and they awed us.

Following the completion of five "tents', or
years, the boy must go through two 'tents' of 'bad
medicine' in order to master the power to "throw
spells* on people—even unto killing them by some
mental process, which has often been done; as I
shall show with ample proof. cBad medicine' of
the kind that kills is seldom used by the medicine-